I am going to guide you on how to write a data engineer resume.

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You can write a resume if you:


You’ve just created a resume.

Let’s dive into the details.

I’ve covered general topics in detail in separate posts. Check out the links above.

Don’t give in to the urge to add a professional summary section and a list of skills. Here I explain why: link, link.

Make your offer clear

Mistake #1: It’s not clear from the resume what kind of job you want.

It’s the easiest one to fix:

  1. Put your desired job title at the top, right after your name: “John Doe, Data Engineer”.
  2. Add your name and desired position to the file name: “doe-data-engineer.pdf”

Now anyone who sees your resume knows immediately what job you’re applying for.

Brag about your accomplishments

Don’t be shy. Recruiters expect you to brag.

Other candidates will do the same, so if you don’t, you’ll lose before the fight even begins.

This does not mean that you should make up facts. But, you should select your most outstanding accomplishments and talk about them.

Focus on the results of your work rather than the tasks you performed.

Are you not in the habit of updating your resume regularly? Then you may have a hard time remembering your accomplishments.

Here are some questions that may help you:

  • Have I ever optimized a data processing pipeline to improve performance? What was the reduction in data processing time?
  • Have I implemented new security measures to enhance data security? How much did the number of data breaches decrease?
  • Have I developed an ETL process to improve data extraction efficiency? What was the improvement in data extraction time?
  • Have I implemented a real-time data processing system? How did it affect decision-making?
  • Have I set up data governance policies and procedures to ensure compliance with data regulations? What was the increase in compliance rate?

Give more weight to your most recent jobs.

List 2-3 accomplishments for each job.

Try to fit each accomplishment into one line (and never more than two lines).

You can find general guidelines on how to describe work experience here and here.

What if you have little to no experience or your experience is not relevant? Read this.

Skills vs accomplishments

Your resume leans too much towards skills or too much towards accomplishments? You should balance it out. The best way to do this is to show how you applied your skills to achieve the results.

You can do this by using the challenge-action-result formula.


  1. The challenge you faced: Slow data processing affecting business decisions.
  2. Your actions: Optimized the existing data processing pipeline using Apache Spark, Python, SQL.
  3. Result: Reduced data processing time by 40%, improved decision-making speed.

Now you can write your bullet point:

  • Optimized data processing pipeline using Apache Spark, Python, and SQL, reducing data processing time by 40% and accelerating business decision-making.


You should quantify results. But don’t use numbers just for the sake of having numbers. Show that you understand how your result contributes to the company’s results. You may find the “so what” technique helpful.

The data throughput increased from 500GB/hour to 2TB/hour.

So what?

The processing time was reduced from 12 hours to 3 hours.

So what?

The cost of processing each TB of data decreased from $20 to $5

So what?

The company saved $10000 in monthly costs.

Keep asking the “so what?” question until you get to the business value.

Examples of accomplishment statements for inspiration:

  • Optimized data processing pipeline using Apache Spark, Python, and SQL, reducing data processing time by 40% and accelerating business decision-making.
  • Implemented robust data security measures including encryption, access controls, and data masking, reducing data breaches by 60%.
  • Implemented a real-time data processing system using Apache Storm and Java, enabling real-time data analysis and decision-making.
  • Set up data governance policies and procedures using data governance tools, ensuring 100% compliance with data regulations and reducing legal risks.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable data infrastructure using cloud platforms and data modeling, enabling the handling of 3x more data without increasing costs.

Grab the full list of 20 questions and 20 bullet point examples, categorized by topic and seniority.

That’s it!

Wish you good luck, a great response/application rate, and a satisfying job!

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Data Engineer Resume

Data Engineer Resume

This resume describes a career transition from software engineering into data engineering. Key skills: Scalable Data Pipelines, Cloud Technologies, Apache Kafka, Real-time Monitoring, Database Optimization.


AWS Data Engineer Resume

AWS Data Engineer Resume

Specialized in data engineering with a focus on real-time data streaming and data pipelines. The key skills include Apache Kafka, AWS services, Anomaly detection algorithms.


Azure Data Engineer Resume

Azure Data Engineer Resume

Data engineering with a specialization in data warehousing. The key skills mentioned are: Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB


GCP Data Engineer Resume

GCP Data Engineer Resume

Started as a Database Administrator and transitioned into Data Engineering, with a specialization in data warehousing and cloud migration.


Entry-Level Data Engineer Resume

Entry-Level Data Engineer Resume

This is a fresher resume featuring a personal project of building a data pipeline for an e-commerce website.


Junior Data Engineer Resume

Junior Data Engineer Resume

Started in data analysis and is evolving towards data engineering, with a Master's degree in this field. Key skills: Apache NiFi, Apache Parquet, Tableau, Apache Spark


Senior Data Engineer Resume

Senior Data Engineer Resume

Data Engineer within the healthcare technology domain. Key skills mentioned include: Machine Learning Infrastructure, Docker and Kubernetes, Apache Airflow


Common Problems

You don’t get any response

Check if sending out enough Check if sending to relevant companies

You cannot get to an interview

Skills are balanced Achievements are clear


How do I write a resume for a data engineer?

You can write a resume if you follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Write down your contact information
  • List the jobs you’ve held with dates
  • Write down your accomplishments at each job
  • Add your education
  • Put everything together on one page

What are the skills required for data engineer?

Most in-demand skills and tools in 2024 by area of specialization:

  • Cloud Data Engineering: Cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), Python, SQL, AWS Glue, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Data Factory.
  • Real-Time Data Engineering: Real-time data processing, Apache Kafka, Apache Beam, Apache Flink, and Python.
  • Machine Learning Engineering: Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-learn.

What does a data engineer do?

Data engineers handle and process data. They manage data in the cloud, handle real-time data, or create data pipelines for machine learning models. Data engineers use their skills in many industries, like technology, finance, and healthcare.

What is the career objective of entry level data engineer?

Think about the industry you want to work in. This could be technology, finance, healthcare, or any other sector that uses data engineering. This determines the area in which you gain domain knowledge.

Decide what your long-term career goals are. This could be a desire to become a senior data engineer, lead a team of data engineers, or specialize in a specific area of data engineering.

How do I write a summary for a data engineer?

What are the 3 job duties of big data engineers?

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